Apprentice Program 2014/15 Results

ADC Apprentices, Interns and Coachs for 2014/20152014/2015 marked the first Arts District Chorale-sponsored Apprentice Program. In July of 2014, members from the Chorale volunteered to work with a summer camp program called ArtsVision. This program is sponsored by St. Paul United Methodist Church and the Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts which largely serves economically disadvantaged children who otherwise might not receive comparable training.

The Chorale volunteers selected a rising 6th grade girl and a rising 9th grade boy that each showed great potential.  As apprentices, they were given vocal instruction each week during the school year to develop vocal range, tone quality and general good vocal health. They culminated their year of training with a voice recital in May of 2015 at St. Paul United Methodist Church. The girl auditioned and won the opportunity to perform in the chorus of the world premier opera, “Wading Home”. The boy successfully auditioned and was accepted as a Freshman into Booker T. Washington School for the Performing Arts.

In addition to the two apprentices chosen for instruction, there were 2 younger students chosen to participate as young apprentices. All four of the apprentices were given the opportunity to experience the opera, the symphony and theater performances in the Arts District with assigned mentors from Arts District Chorale.

There were 2 interns who assisted us during ArtsVision Camp. They also had aspirations to attend Booker T. Washington School and were given coaching for their auditions. A pre-audition opportunity was offered by the Chorale. They were both accepted into the performing arts school.

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