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Chorus America The Arts District

The Chorale encompasses a diverse group of amateur and professional musicians from all walks of life — from marketing directors, software designers and CPAs, to attorneys, engineers, artists and writers. Our common bond is a passion for the choral art as a profound expression of the human condition, and a willingness to share it with the community at the highest level of performance.

Please view our audition page for audition guidelines and information.

Current ADC Roster:
Julie Adkins
Michael Bailey
Becky Barnes
Janie Bergamasco
Patsy Brooks
Carla Daniels
Gene Dubose
Marguerite Fobes
Charlotte Gomez
Rodney Graham
Joe Gutierrez
John Harpool
Susan Harrison
Patrice Higgins
Carl Huddleston
Sandra Huffman
Thom Hulme
Bob Kennedy
Candice Kuzov
Rob Larson
Steven Lewis
Jack Luby
Jole Luehrs
Paul Lyford
Raymond Magyar
Bob Manosky
Leigh McAtee
Susan McIntyre
Don Mills
Kristin Moore
Bruce Moore
Susan Morgan
Tom Morgan
Julie Navar
Alan Noel
Heather Oglevie
Glen Pearson
Janelle Pendleton
Anna Popova
Patrick Reid
David Reinig
Bob Robertson
Carol St. George
Michael Silber
Justina Silwood
Bill Sime
Regan Smith
Jeanne Stephens
Tim Stephens
Annette Sudhof
Anne Thomas
Ruth Vera
Meredith Wallace
Shelly West
Michaelann Wood
Gary Wortley