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Ms Libby McIver

Member, Alto Section Representative, Alto

  • Bio/Profile
  • ADC Singer Since: 2017
    Voice Part: Alto
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
    Education: BS from UT Austin
    Day Job: Retired Concierge, Manager at La Lobe Ear Piercing Salon
    First Choir I Sang With: Kimball High School Chorale
    Favorite Choral Works: Fauré Requiem, Renaissance-era pieces (Tallis, Byrd), 9th Symphony
    Concert Bucket List Artist to Hear: Albannach (a Scottish band)
    Playing on My iTunes Now: All over the map – up right now is the Finale from The Chieftains’ San Patricio album
    Favorite ADC Concert: Lauridsen’s Rose Cycle
    Dream List Three Singers / Musicians to Invite to Dinner: Peter Warlock, Beethoven, Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Family: I live with my son and daughter-in-law at Farmer’s Market. My daughter lives with her husband in Tokyo.
    Interests and Hobbies Other Than ADC: Sewing
    Why I Sing With ADC: Great music, great people.