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Ms Kriss Liston

Member, Soprano

  • Bio/Profile
  • ADC Singer Since: 2021
    Voice Part: Soprano
    Hometown: There have been too many!
    Education: BA Liberal Arts Studies, UNT
    Day Job: Director of Customer Experience, McCollister’s Global Services
    First Choir I Sang With: Lewisville Civic Chorale (first community-based chorus)
    Favorite Choral Works: So many songs left to sing! I can’t pick yet.
    Concert Bucket List Artist to Hear: Dave Brubeck Quartet
    Playing on My iTunes Now: Spoon, Tears For Fears, Hamilton
    Favorite ADC Concert: The next one
    Dream List Three Singers / Musicians to Invite to Dinner: Ella Fitzgerald, Carol King, Julie Andrews (early vocal influences)
    Family: Quirky and entertaining
    Community Involvement: Usually associated with making music
    Interests and Hobbies Other Than ADC: traveling, reading, creating things, (my trio) JAZZdolce, cooking, wine
    Why I Sing With ADC: “But music and singing have been my refuge, and music and singing shall be my light” – Frank Ticheli