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Dr Keith Mankin

Member, Tenor

  • Bio/Profile
  • ADC Singer Since: 2017
    Voice Part: Tenor
    Hometown: Boston, MA
    Education: AB Harvard 1982, MD U Pittsburgh 1988
    Day Job: Writer / Creative Consultant
    First Choir I Sang With: Fox Meadow School Chorus (Grade 4)
    Favorite Choral Works: Monteverdi Vespers 1610, Bach B Minor Mass, anything by Victoria, S Barber The Coolin
    Concert Bucket List Artists to Hear: Emma Kirkby
    Playing on My iTunes Now: John Coltrane
    Favorite ADC Concert: King David
    Dream List Three Singers / Musicians to Invite to Dinner: G Gershwin, R Vaughn Williams, Maria Callas
    Family: Julia, retired radiologist at UTSW; Son, Cameron, artist and professor, U of Chicago
    Community Involvement: Rotary, Bryan’s House board, Verdigris board
    Interests and Hobbies Other Than ADC: Reading, sketching, football (soccer), cricket
    Why I Sing With ADC: ADC is by far one of the most musical and accomplished ensembles in N Texas. The range and variety of its repertoire covers the full panoply of musical experience. Also, the singers are some of the nicest people I have met, perfect to share such an enlightening and enlivening cultural experience with.