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Apprentice Program

In its first year of operation, the proposed ADC Apprentice Program will provide a range of vocal experiences to 6 students selected from the ArtsVision summer program (sponsored by St. Paul United Methodist Church and the Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts) that largely serves economically disadvantaged children who otherwise might not receive comparable arts training and education.

In the Apprentice Program students are coached to develop aural skills and an understanding of basic music principles.  They learn solo selections and practice vocalizes and physical exercises to develop vocal range, quality, and general vocal health. During their apprenticeship each student meets one-on-one with the conductor of ADC, receives private vocal instruction, and attends Arts District concerts with an assigned mentor. Culminating the program each apprentice participates in a mock-audition to prepare them for real-world music audition experiences.
The desired outcome of the program is to develop a life-long love and appreciation of vocal music in each apprentice and to prepare him/her to audition successfully for entrance to the Dallas Arts Magnet School or to return to his/her neighborhood school’s music program more fully equipped for musical success. Benefits to the community are: 1) deserving students are prepared to audition for one of the premiere arts magnet programs in the country, 2) apprentices returning to their neighborhood school programs are better prepared to make them successful, 3) apprentices’ lives are enriched in a way previously not possible, and 4) apprentices acquire the strong sense of discipline required by a strong music program. Success will be defined by apprentices successfully passing the mock audition taken at the end of the apprenticeship. It will also be defined by the number of eligible apprentices who audition for entrance and are accepted into Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts or other school of their choosing.

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