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Mr Eric Fried

Member, Bass

  • Bio/Profile
  • ADC Singer Since: 2023
    Voice Part: Bass
    Hometown: Great Neck, NY
    Education: BA English, Franklin and Marshall College
    Day Job: Case Coordinator, ExamWorks
    First Choir I Sang With: Great Neck Choral Society
    Favorite Choral Works: Mozart’s Requiem, Carmina Burana
    Concert Bucket List Artist to Hear: Bob Dylan
    Playing on My Spotify Now: The Monkees Live – The Mike and Micky Show
    Favorite ADC Concert: Enchanted Voices (my first!)
    Dream List Singers / Musicians to Invite to Dinner: Billy Joel, Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Paul McCartney
    Family: My wife, Julie
    Community Involvement: Walking North Dallas, PKD Foundation (North Texas chapter), Sangha Meditation and Connection
    Interests and Hobbies Other Than ADC: Songwriting, arranging music, dining out, meditation, walking, hiking, watching movies
    Why I Sing With ADC: I enjoy the camaraderie of working with other musicians, and the joy of presenting a well-practiced challenging piece.