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Ms Emily Thomas

Member, Soprano

  • Bio/Profile
  • ADC Singer Since: 2023
    Voice Part: Soprano
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
    Education: BA in Music and History from Texas State University
    Day Job: Voice teacher for the Lake Highlands area
    First Choir I Sang With: Dale B Davis elementary when I was little
    Favorite Choral Works: The World Beloved: A Blue Grass Mass, Sleep By Eric Whitacre, Vivaldi’s Gloria, Elijah Rock by Moses Hogan, The Sun Never Says by Dan Forest
    Concert Bucket List Artists to Hear: BTS, Julie Fowlis, Voces8, Paramore
    Playing on My Spotify Now: AJR, Palace, Love Harmony’s Inc., and Alanis Morissette
    Favorite ADC Concert: I’ve only sang in one, but it was so much fun!
    Dream List Singers / Musicians to Invite to Dinner: Jennifer Hudson, Gladys Knight, Anna Moffo, Hayley Williams
    Family: My fiancĂ© Hannah Rosenkranz and our two cats
    Interests and Hobbies Other Than ADC: Going to anime conventions, making bread, and binging reality television
    Why I Sing With ADC: Singing and making music is a healing experience for me.